Reflect on your best work: write your stories

write your stories down

This is a short post to remind you not to lose your best stories.

Once or twice a year, it’s a great idea to think about the 1-3 accomplishments you are most proud of, and write down the interesting parts of the story. Read More “Reflect on your best work: write your stories”

What to do when someone is attacking your credibility


Bullies and Saboteurs

I think we all have those moments in our careers when we feel vulnerable because there is someone who is doing things to undermine our credibility.

I break this type of negative, damaging behavior into 2 groups. Read More “What to do when someone is attacking your credibility”

Personal Brand 101

This month’s Professional Development webinar was on the topic of Personal Brand 101.

If you missed it you can download the recording.

Members of Azzarello group can download this webinar for free.

Personal Brand 101

You already have a Personal Brand

“We are what we repeatedly do.

Read More “Personal Brand 101”

Your Team's Brand & Reputation

Every month I do a webinar on a topic of business leadership.

These webinars are part of my Azzarello Group membership program.

This month’s webinar was on Team Brand & Reputation.
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If you missed it, you can download the podcast! Read More “Your Team's Brand & Reputation”

Do you need a personal brand tune-up?

Every month I do a webinar on a topic of business leadership and personal effectiveness as part of my membership program for business leaders.

This month’s webinar was on Personal Brand Tune-up.

The live broadcast is always free an open to anyone. Read More “Do you need a personal brand tune-up?”

When to speak up

This is short post this week, but this topic is on my mind because I have had this conversation with so many people over the past month or so.

The dilemma so many people face…

Two kinds of people

There is one kind of person (who is universally disliked) that brags, is always talking, pretends they know it all, doesn’t add value, but acts like they are really important. Read More “When to speak up”

Building your brand without bragging

“But I am humble”

You need to be viewed as credible if you want to be highly effective and get the recognition, resources, and trust you deserve.

But you can’t be credible if you are invisible.

Humble people often tell me,

“It’s the work that matters. Read More “Building your brand without bragging”

Confidence & Your Personal Brand

The Webinar:

This month’s Business Leaders’ webinar was on


If you missed it you can
Download the Podcast
Download the whole Webinar
(which includes the presentation, and useful worksheets and templates.)
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Here is what we talked about:

Gaining Confidence

So many people (at all levels) struggle with this topic. Read More “Confidence & Your Personal Brand”

The Answers…

Confused and stuck

When I was in college studying electronic engineering I did OK in most of the classes, but some were truly baffling.

There was one class in particular where I really struggled.

I sat through all the lectures, copied down all the equations that the teacher wrote on the board and took copious notes about what he was saying – to no avail…

My study partner/friend and I would spend hours on end slogging through the homework questions in the textbook trying to learn the material. Read More “The Answers…”