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Gaining Confidence

So many people (at all levels) struggle with this topic.

Confidence is gained by taking action.

Taking action, trying, and doing something you didn’t know you could do — then getting that great, “Wow, I did it!” feeling, only comes by DOING something.

Your choice is this: Act, or Don’t Act.
Too many people waste time looking for options C, D, and E.

In this webinar we talked about several ways to make taking action easier, less scary and more effective.

Focusing on your Personal Brand is a big win. It gives you a game plan for how to put yourself out there and take action. And having a game plan increases your confidence, your success, and your recognition.

Personal Brand and Confidence

We talked about:

Executive Presence

Focusing on Your Natural Strengths

Be your real self

Stop trying to be good at everything

It is a hit to anyone’s confidence to feel like you have to change yourself to fit in, look extra-busy to prove your value, or worry about all the things you are not good at.

When you build a personal brand based on your natural strengths, and who you really are, it builds your confidence.

Having your brand defined gives you the challenge and the measuring stick to demonstrate the behaviors which show your best self. It makes you commit to be your best self, on purpose, more of the time. (And you are more confident when you are being your best self more of the time!)

Managing Perceptions

We talked about:

Recognition without Politics

What about Humility?

Be Consistent

Don’t make people work so hard to figure out why you are good – show them!

Don’t wonder what people think of you. Create impressions on purpose. Own being your best self. Your Brand lets you be consistent.

Many people ask me about humility. They say they don’t want to brag. How do you show your personal brand without bragging?

Bragging has nothing to do with it. I know plenty of people who are kind, humble people who have a very strong executive presence and personal brand.

More often than not, this question is more about finding a reason to stay invisible than it is about preserving humility.

You never have to brag to show your brand. It’s about sharing the value you offer, NOT about saying how great you are. Sure, if you are invisible you are not bragging, but you are not demonstrating humility, you are just invisible.

Fear & Nerves

We talked about:

Difficult and stressful situations

Opportunities for visibility

Mistakes, Screw-ups and Loss of Confidence

Layoffs and Job Searches

You can’t eliminate the situations that make you scared and nervous. They will always be there.

But you can improve your confidence and performance in difficult situations, through the right preparation and choosing to take action.

Again, the only way to build more confidence is to DO something. You can’t read or listen or study to get confidence. You have to act.

If you are scared, do it anyway.

Put yourself out there, don’t be afraid of judgement – seek it out and learn from it.
Prepare for how you will react, and what you will say. Build Support. Practice.

Action makes your better.

Action not only makes you more skilled, it makes you more confident because you create a pattern of success that you can build on.

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