Protect your time: And don’t feel guilty

Last week I wrote about being more strategic by giving yourself time to think — in fact, scheduling time to think.

And I emphasized the fact that if you don’t schedule it, it won’t happen.

But the reality is, even if you do schedule this time, it can still be hard to make it happen. Read More

Busy is a choice

busy to important

Through my work, I talk to many people (exeucitves, mid-level managers, and individuals) in many different companies and industries, and the one issue that seems epidemic, is that people are all too busy.

I see three underlying issues that cause people to get and stay too busy. Read More

Don't try to DO all the work

I was recently looking at my book RISE on my kindle to see what people were responding to, by checking out the “view popular highlights” feature.

The most highlighted passage was:

Think of your job as figuring out a better way to deal with all this stuff than it is to DO all this stuff and you’ll be on the right track. Read More

Help! I'm a Work-horse and I'm stuck

help Im a workhorseI recently received some input from a reader that defined the perfect storm of being stuck in the workhorse trap. Here it is…

“I’m the workhorse for our volunteer emergency communicator group. There are 4 of us, but here lately I’ve been the only one answering the calls from the City for severe weather (tornadoes, severe hailstorms, etc.) even in the middle of the night. Read More

How to kill your new hires

work-horseI often talk about the hazard of being work-horse.

Are you a work-horse?

If you are known for always getting a lot of work done and for being able to do an extraordinary amount of work personally, it is likely you are a work-horse. Read More

Are you a work-horse?

Are you known for being someone who always delivers? 

Someone who can always personally take on
more work and get it done? 

And because of that, the work just keeps getting
piled on?

You may think you are being highly valued for
the large amount of work that you consistently
deliver – and in most cases you are.  Read More