Increasing Your Team's Performance

This month’s webinar was on Increasing Team Performance.

This is a useful webinar to download if you want to:

  • Develop specific techniques to manage high and low performers.
  • Get some help on performance management issues.
  • Get better outcomes when delegating.
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Succession Planning: Take my job, please…

What is a good succession plan?

I find it interesting is that most companies do one of two extremes when it comes to succession planning:

1.  Nothing at all

2. A very cumbersome process with lots of documents and checkpoints for multiple candidates which never amounts to anything. Read More

How well do you invest your time?

What is time management?

Somebody recently asked me, “what do you mean by time management”?

My answer is this:

Time management is refusing to waste too much time on low-value, low-enjoyment activities.

There are two parts to it:

1. Identify what you should, or want to be doing
2. Read More

The Blank-sheet (ideal) Org Chart

The right team

Are you leading the team you need?
Or leading the team you have?

Last week I wrote a post about recognizing if you have someone on your team who is not strategic enough

You keep hoping that they will become more strategic…

I can tell you how that play ends… They won’t. Read More