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This month’s webinar was on Team Brand & Reputation.
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This is a useful webinar to download if you want to:

  • Get your team performing at a higher level, or to drive change
  • Motivate your team to have a bigger impact on the business
  • Align your team on a set of core values and business goals
  • Build credibility for your team with other groups across the business
  • Increase the visibility and recognition for your team’s work

Why bother with building a Team Brand?

There are three key reasons why as a leader, it’s worth developing your Team’s Brand.

1. Motivation

One of the key tasks of a leader is to get everyone on the team to personally care about moving the business forward. What is your key business agenda? Is it quality, customer service, cost reduction, leading change? Think of how much easier it would be if everyone on your team cared personally about getting this done as much as you do. A focus on team brand can help achieve this.

2. Effectiveness

Once your team gets aligned on what really matters — and what you need to do about it — your team will become more personally committed to the goals, and more effective at achieving them.

3. Reputation

Another important leadership responsibility is to increase your team’s visibility and credibility, and get your team recognized and valued for the contribution they deliver to the business.

This is not a political exercise.

Teams with high credibility get more support, more trust, better projects and more funding – so they can do more.

Taking some time to build and manage the reputation of your team is critical to helping them be their most effective. And if their efforts are recognized and appreciated they will become even more effective over time!

Stakeholders who matter

Whether your focus is a company brand, a personal brand, or a team brand, you can’t build it in a vacuum. Your brand is what others say it is, based on their experience with you.

So when you are building a team brand, the best way to do it is to think about who all the stakeholder groups in your business are… Which groups depend on you? Which groups do you need to influence?

Which group is it most important to have a strong, credible reputation with? And what do they think of you right now?

Find out. Determine the gap. And get to work.

Team Brand Behaviors

Your brand is delivered through your consistent behaviors. So the challenge is to get everyone on your team behaving consistently to send a clear message to your key stakeholder groups.

It’s impossible to do this without working on it on purpose. You need to decide together as a team, what you care about, what you want to be known for, and what you intend to do about it.

That’s what this webinar is about — How to practically go about defining and establishing a strong brand for your team, that will pay big dividends in both performance and recognition.

Here’s what the webinar covers:

How to build a strong team with a highly credible reputation:
We talked about how to:

  • Work through the 7 Steps for defining a strong team brand
  • Reinforce consistent behaviors and values to deliver your brand
  • Increase your team’s effectiveness, performance, and commitment
  • Identify key stakeholder groups, and create personalized outreach
  • Build your team’s credibility and reputation
  • and more….

Worksheets included

There are very useful worksheets for this webinar which include:

  • The 7 Steps for team branding process
  • Questions for team brand brainstorming
  • Brand values and behaviors template
  • Key Stakeholder strategy template

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