Getting Difficult People to Cooperate

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When people won’t cooperate

It can be really frustrating when you are on the hook to deliver work that depends on other people and they don’t care. They don’t do their part. They don’t meet deadlines.

What do you do when your Ruthless Priority is not even on their radar? Read More

The Key to Influence: Make your Voice Bigger

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Influence and Difficult People

The topic of how to influence difficult people, comes up in my work all the time. (At all levels.)

One of the most useful tools in the influence tool kit is to make your voice bigger. Read More

When your boss is clueless


I recently have written about bosses being addicted to detail, or wasting time by not appreciating the cost of asking a question.

Several people came back to me and asked me to write about the other side of this problem, when you boss stays so high level that they don’t know what’s going on and don’t understand what needs to be done. Read More

Do people want to help you at work?

Successful people get help

One of the things that I observe over and over again is just how much help highly successful people get from others.

What ever they are doing, they seem to have a vast cross-functional team of people at many levels, from many organizations, who are part of an unofficial project team that helps them achieve their objective. Read More

Influence & Matrix Management

The Webinar:

This month’s Business Leaders’ webinar was on

Influence & Matrix Management

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Here is what we talked about:

Mind Shift

All of us, whether we manage people or not, need to get other people to do work for us sometimee — People who have no personal motivation or reason to cooperate. Read More

Punished for being too smart

Being the smartest one in the room is not easy. doghouse250

Really smart people who get to the answer before everyone else get frustrated because:

  • No one wants to listen to you
  • No one gets why you are right
  • Everyone seems to WANT to go slower (and it is infuriating)
  • You resent having to make the effort of “bringing people along”

Good guy or bad guy?

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