Reflect on your best work: write your stories

write your stories down

This is a short post to remind you not to lose your best stories.

Once or twice a year, it’s a great idea to think about the 1-3 accomplishments you are most proud of, and write down the interesting parts of the story.

Don’t just make list, actually write the story. Think about:

  • How you identified or framed the problem or opportunity
  • What inspired you to choose a solution or a path forward
  • How you sold the idea or got sponsorship
  • How you negotiated for support and resources
  • How you attracted and motivated people to work on it
  • Problems you solved along the way
  • What happened
  • What you learned
  • Keys to success
  • Outcomes achieved
  • Feedback received

Fuel for the future

The reason it’s so important to do this, is that if you don’t do this, you forget. You forget the richness. You forget the important and exciting parts.

And if you forget two bad things happen:

1. When you have a confidence or creative crisis in the future, you can’t look back on these stories for inspiration.

2. When you need to communicate about your accomplishments (in a resume, interview, or meeting)…

You’ll be starting with a blank page, so you’ll have more work to do, and more importantly, you will have forgotten the most compelling details.

Set a reminder for next time

If you are starting from scratch, even then, doing this doesn’t take a long time. Schedule even 30 minutes to capture your stories.

Then once you do this, think about putting a reminder in your calendar once or twice a year to make sure that too much time never goes by without your capturing your best stories.

Don’t let your accomplishments fade away. Own them. Keep them. Be proud of your best work.

Good luck and Happy Holidays!


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