Secret mentors…your secret advantage

Getting support for your ambitions

Sometimes It can feel frustrating to move your career forward.

Companies will tell you that there are no raises or promotional opportunities to be had, or that it’s a bad time to be asking, or that you are not ready…

And then they keep piling work and increased responsibility on you

— and expecting you to do more and more — with no change in your status or compensation. Read More

5 keys to getting a bigger-than-normal promotion

One of the members of my Executive Mentoring Group posed this question in the group forum and it inspired me to write an article:

Has anyone been in a position where they are submitting to a role where they meet the majority of qualifications but the title is a couple levels above where they were at? Read More

Stand Out, Get Promoted

This month’s webinar was on the topic of Stand Out, Get Promoted

If you missed it, you can download the recording.


Are you getting the recognition and opportunities you deserve?

Both from my own quickly rising career, and from the experience I’ve had hiring many managers and executives, I’ve had a lot of opportunities to study what stands out. Read More