The cost difference between OK and GREAT

Remember, Great isn’t Cheap

I see leaders setting themselves up for failure and credibility loss when they don’t differentiate the cost of doing a GREAT job from the cost of doing an OK job.

… Don’t commit to deliver the dream-scenario that everyone is excited about without the dream-budget!

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Don't volunteer for failure: Always show the cost of success

cost failure

When the expectations are bigger than the resources

Recently, I have been getting the same question over and over again from people in many different companies and industries. It takes many different forms, but the basic idea is this:

“What should I do when I am being asked to deliver something without enough resources to do it?”

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Your Credibility: Negotiating Your Budget

This month’s Professional Development webinar was on the topic of Negotiating Your Budget.

If you missed it you can download the recording.

Members of Azzarello group can download this webinar for free.

Negotiating Your Budget

Your budget and your credibility

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