Authentic Networking

This month’s webinar was on Authentic Networking.

If you missed it, you can download the podcast!

authentic networking

This is a useful webinar to download if you want to:

  • Get better and more comfortable at networking
  • Find tools and a structured approach to make networking feel more valuable
  • Understand how to meet new people in a way that is meaningful and genuine
  • Set realistic networking goals for yourself that will fit into your schedule
  • Get ideas to stay in touch with people and build value into your network over time

This is a great topic to think about as we start the new year…

If you build a plan to be better at networking, you can do it. Read More

Do people want to help you at work?

Successful people get help

One of the things that I observe over and over again is just how much help highly successful people get from others.

What ever they are doing, they seem to have a vast cross-functional team of people at many levels, from many organizations, who are part of an unofficial project team that helps them achieve their objective. Read More

Bill Murray said I was crazy…


Every month I do a webinar, and then I do a blog post with a summary and a link to listen.

So…here is the link to


But this month, and because this webinar was about networking,

I wanted to share a networking story about how 2 days after the webinar I met Clint Eastwood and Bill Murray…

…for the sole reason of being scared to do it, and doing it anyway. Read More

Don't confuse networking with selling

Authentic Networking

I have written many articles about Authentic Networking, that are about using a genuine, generous approach to building your “extra team”.

We all need this type of network.

The basic premise of
Authentic Networking is:

* Meet new people because they genuinely interest you
* Build and put value into your network by giving. Read More

High-Value Online Behaviors

I get a lot of questions about how to best use various online tools and social media for effective networking and managing your Personal Brand online.

If you find yourself “out there”, looking for a job, developing a partnership, selling a big deal, looking for funding, people will look for you online, and develop impressions and even make decisions based on what they find. Read More

10 Things to Give your Network

Many people worry that spending time networking is being “Political” which they are philosophically against, or that it’s a selfish activity to “get” things from other people.

The Networking Paradox:

  • You need a network that can help you
  • Networking is about Giving not Taking

Highly successful people are successful because they get a lot of help, not because they are too good to need it.    Read More