Get Better at Networking

This month’s webinar in my Executived Mentoring Group was on Authentic Networking.

If you missed it, you can WATCH THE REPLAY

Watch this live webinar replay if you want to:

  • Get better and more comfortable at networking
  • Find tools and a structured approach to make networking feel more valuable
  • Understand how to meet new people in a way that is meaningful and genuine
  • Set realistic networking goals for yourself that will fit into your schedule
  • Get ideas to stay in touch with people and build value into your network over time

Successful People Get the Most Help

Building a network of support is vital to your career and business success.

As you advance, your success becomes more about what you can do through others than how good you are on your own.

I have seen several people get turned down for executive positions because they were not seen as having enough support.

If you are not comfortable networking…

When I am in front of groups of people I ask for a show of hands…”raise your hand if you are good at networking”.

In every single case, the vast majority of hands stay down. So if you are not good at networking you are not alone in this struggle.

Common reasons people give for not liking networking are:

  • It seems shallow
  • You don’t like small talk
  • You don’t like networking events
  • You don’t like talking to strangers
  • You don’t like starting conversations without a specific topic
  • It seems selfish or disingenuous, like you are in it to get stuff
  • You don’t understand why others would want to know you
  • It takes too much time

Good news…

If you believe all of those things, the great news is that you can build a strong, authentic, network and not worry about those things.

For much of my own career, I was not a natural networker. But I figured out a way to do it by putting some purpose and structure to the task.

In this webinar, I share the tools and approach I used to build a really strong network in a way that was genuine and comfortable — and created value for the others too.

Here’s what the webinar specifically covers:

How to get good at networking even if it makes you uncomfortable

  • Meet new people in a way that doesn’t feel awkward or shallow
  • Build value into your network by giving
  • The value of “weak connections” and networking with people you already know
  • Use your network in a way that is not just self-serving
  • Do meaningful networking without spending a lot of time
  • And more…

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