Finding the Right Mentor

This month’s webinar was on the topic of Finding the Right Mentor

If you missed it, you can download the recording.

Finding the right mentor

The webinar:

This is a very useful webinar to download if you want to:

  • Want to access the advantages of having a mentor
  • Want to enjoy your job more and have more success
  • Make sure you have the support you need to be a high performer
  • Get (safe) help solving your hardest business problems
  • Build valuable connections in your network

This webinar on Finding the Right Mentor is a an important one to make sure you are doing everything you can to make your job and your life more doable and successful. Read More

Fear, progress and "The Accidental Expert"


I was recently telling a story about a time in my career when I had an all out panic.

I’m in over my head!

When I got my first general manager job at Hewlett Packard, early into the role, my team had identified a significant gap in our product offering, and the recommendation was that we acquire a technology from another company. Read More

Stakeholders and Sponsorship

The Webinar:

This month’s webinar was on


If you missed it you can
Download the Podcast
Download the whole Webinar
(which includes the presentation, and useful worksheets and templates.)
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This is a good webinar to download if you need to make sure someone has your back at work, or if you want to get more recognition, or access to more opportunities. Read More