Schedule Time for Yourself … and Hide!

Make More Time

This month’s topic in my Executive Mentoring Group is Make More Time.

The goal here is to create 2 or more hours a week for yourself to have time to think, plan, work on strategic priorities — or get a little life back! Read More

Conversation Starters for Networking Events (Even for Introverts)

Networking meetings

For most of my life, networking meetings were torture for me.

I could never get comfortable with them. I’d either hide in the corner, or desperately cling to the person I came with. I didn’t know who to meet or what to say. Read More

Bill Murray said I was crazy…


Every month I do a webinar, and then I do a blog post with a summary and a link to listen.

So…here is the link to


But this month, and because this webinar was about networking,

I wanted to share a networking story about how 2 days after the webinar I met Clint Eastwood and Bill Murray…

…for the sole reason of being scared to do it, and doing it anyway. Read More

10 Things to Give your Network

Many people worry that spending time networking is being “Political” which they are philosophically against, or that it’s a selfish activity to “get” things from other people.

The Networking Paradox:

  • You need a network that can help you
  • Networking is about Giving not Taking

Highly successful people are successful because they get a lot of help, not because they are too good to need it.    Read More

The Power of Weak Connections

One of the many reasons that we tend to resist connecting with people is the fear that we don’t have time for the “relationship”.

There are two really important considerations here:

1) A connection typically doesn’t turn into a time sink – others are busy too
2) Having “weak connections” is very valuable. Read More