Secret mentors…your secret advantage

Getting support for your ambitions

Sometimes It can feel frustrating to move your career forward.

Companies will tell you that there are no raises or promotional opportunities to be had, or that it’s a bad time to be asking, or that you are not ready…

And then they keep piling work and increased responsibility on you

— and expecting you to do more and more — with no change in your status or compensation.

What I have learned in this situation, is that if you can learn how to advocate for yourself, you can get more of what you deserve for your hard work.

But it’s helpful to have help! It’s so important to have mentors who can help you judge the landscape, give you insights and strategies for your work and career, and provide some support, air cover and sponsorship in the background.

But not all mentors need to be formal mentors.

I have received countless help from mentors who never knew they were my mentor!

Secret mentors vs. Formal Mentors

I have spoken often about the value of mentors in my own career. I would not have had any of the true breakthroughs I got without getting help from others.

The world is rich with people who can (and are happy to help you).

One of the best things you can do is to get into the habit of asking smart people for help and advice. It makes YOU better.

Put these ideas into action

This video describes one of the insights in an Executive Playbook I am offering this month in my Executive Mentoring Group, my online professional development program, on the topic of Mentors and Sponsorship.

If you are interested, you can get this Executive Playbook for free.

What exactly is an Executive Playbook?

Executive Playbooks include the key insights you need to drive change, as well as tools, templates, worksheets and scripts to help you put these concepts into action in your own situation.

With this playbook, you get an HD streaming webinar, MP3 download, workbook, templates, scripts, action reminders, and access to live coaching.

You Can Get this Executive Playbook for Free

This Executive Playbook covers:

Resist the urge to go it alone. Learn to embrace the idea that mentors and sponsors can help you learn, grow, clear obstacles, open doors and provide air cover. Understand once and for all that asking for help is a good thing that high performers do that BUILDS credibility.

Learn about the types of mentors we all need, how to find mentors, and HOW TO ASK someone to be your mentor (in a way that does not seem weird).

See the vital importance of making sure you always have sponsorship for your work. It’s just too risky otherwise. Learn now to get sponsorship AND how to use it to create an advantage.

See a preview of the Executive Playbook on Mentors and Sponsorship:

You can get this Executive Playbook for free in September.


If you are a member of The Executive Mentoring Group, you already have free access to the Playbook in your Library.


If you are not a member, you can get this playbook for free by starting a trial membership. No risk. Cancel any time.

1. Get two bonus playbooks

With your trial you will have access to this Executive Playbook on Mentors and Sponsorship as well as two other playbooks which I also include in the trial because they are so foundational to career success that I want to share them with everyone.

  • Ruthless Priorities: Don’t burn out on low value work. How to say NO and add even more value.
  • Mastering Executive Communications: Don’t miss your opportunity with Executives. How to make a strong impression right away.

2. Get live coaching from me

During your 30-day free trial, you will also get invited to two group coaching calls where you can ask your own questions and get mentoring directly from me.

3. Start Your Free Trial – NO RISK

Why not give start a free trial, explore the program, and take advantage of these important resources? I promise you will get at least one idea that will make your job easier and your life better.

In this program I help members recognize and overcome the career challenges that can be frustrating and exhausting — the things that you might see or not see, but can get you stuck in your career. And I give you practical, specific solutions and concrete actions to make forward progress.

There is no risk. You can cancel at any time. If you forget to cancel, just send an email and we’ll work it out for you. I offer this program because I really want to help people achieve their desired success. This program lets me be your mentor.

What you get in the free trial:

  1. The Executive Playbook on Mentors and Sponsorship
  2. The Executive Playbook on Ruthless Priorities
  3. The Executive Playbook on Mastering Executive Communications
  4. Invites to TWO live group coaching calls

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