Are you a good manager?

This month’s webinar was on the topic of Are You a Good Manager?

If you missed it, you can download the recording.

are you a good manager

Are YOU a good manager?

This is a special and really important webinar. There is nothing you can do to improve the bottom line of your business more than to make sure that all your managers are good managers. Read More

Commitments, Deadlines & Employee Motivation

This month’s webinar was on the topic of Motivation, Commitments and Deadlines.

If you missed it, you can download the recording.

motivation deadlines

This is a very useful webinar to download if you want to:

  • Get your team executing better, and more consistently
  • Become more comfortable discussing and sticking to deadlines
  • Learn how to enforce consequences without de-motivating people
  • Choose the right measures that make success and failure very clear
  • Have the right (non-emotional) conversations when expections are not met

Why organizations don’t deliver on time

The simple truth is that many organizations don’t deliver on time because there are no consequences for not delivering on time. Read More

Increasing Your Team's Performance

This month’s webinar was on Increasing Team Performance.

This is a useful webinar to download if you want to:

  • Develop specific techniques to manage high and low performers.
  • Get some help on performance management issues.
  • Get better outcomes when delegating.
Read More

Can't or Won't

Dealing with low performers.

When someone isn’t doing what you need them to do, a question a leader will often ask themselves is…

“Is the problem with the person? Or is the problem with me?

Should I be doing something different when I am delegating, communicating, or supporting the person?”

This simple decision tree has helped me quickly get out of this quandary. Read More

People don't become strategic

The wrong people

As I am preparing for a session next week with an executive team on Leading Transformation, I got thinking about what blocks organizations from getting done what they intend.

What blocks their business growth?
What keeps them from executing decisively on new things? Read More

Poor performance is contagious

To act or to suffer?

As managers, at some point we all
encounter an employee who frustrates us, and drains the life and energy out of the team.

When you are in this situation with someone, you know it in your heart that
you should act …

…particularly when they really annoy you … but you don’t act right away because you second guess yourself …

and you keep thinking… they really do some things very well… sometimes…


A colleague of mine shared this decision tree with me, and since then life has been easier.  Read More

Failure & Motivation: General Managers

What Good General Managers Do

This is third article in my series of What Good General Managers DO.

Aritlces in the series so far:

Listen: Stay Connected to Reality

The Gap Between Committed and Done
Failure & Motivation (today)


Delivering on time

Many organizations struggle to get things done, as promised, on time. Read More

3 ways to screw up your business

Oops!!People, Process, and Profit

I had a mentor teach me that that business success was based on these three things in this order.  People, Process, Profit.

Do things on purpose

From decades of watching successful business leaders, lessons learned  from my own experience as a GM and CEO, and my work with business leaders today, I know that focused, proactive attention in these areas can help you reduce risk and go faster. Read More