Creating High Employee Engagement

This month’s Professional Development webinar was on the topic of Creating High Employee Engagement.

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This is a very useful webinar to download if you want to:

  • Increase the energy, commitment and motivation in your team
  • Create a loyal community within your organization
  • Keep your team focused on executing your strategy
  • Create strong support for your initiatives within the organization
  • Get people to care personally about what is important to the business

Here is what we talked about:

Real Engagement is Personal

This is an important topic because so often executives want to create an “Engagement Program,” or they ask HR to solve an employee motivation issue.

A programatic approach will never have enough impact on genuine employee engagement because real engagement is always personal.

If someone is truly engaged it’s because they care personally. They have their own reason to be excited about what they are being asked to do.

The trick to meaningful employee engagement is to give individual people reasons to actually care personally.

The webinar:

I put together this webinar to give leaders ideas and specific techniques for creating genuine engagement and motivation in their teams.

What the webinar covered:

  • How to make engagement personal
  • How to make your employees feel like super-heroes
  • 4 things that truly create strong engagement
    1. The right kinds of top down communications
    2. Changing Communication into Conversation
    3. Decorating the Change
    4. Getting the crap out of the way

Making people feel like super-heroes

I got this feedback once from someone who used to work in my organization:

“Patty, when I worked for you, I was Superman”

Ever since then, I’ve thought that to be a pretty good measure of how I am doing as a leader.

What more could you want than for your people to feel like super-heroes? Powerful, capable, trusted, respected, and motivated to do big things.

Change your idea of communication to conversation

One of the main ideas that ran through the webinar and is fundamental to true engagement is Conversation.

Many leaders make the mistake of thinking that communicating their strategy is going to cause forward movement.

Just because you said what the strategy is, doesn’t mean that your organization will suddenly optimize itself to do the right things to implement it.

The only way to know that your strategy has taken hold is if you hear your organization talking about it among themselves without your involvement.

In the webinar, I shared many ideas for how to make lively bottoms-up and peer-wise communications happen more naturally.

When people are talking, they are engaged.

Get the crap out of the way

Annoying things often overlooked as not being huge problems, or just as being chronic, non-negotiable challenges in the environment, are very damaging to motivation and engagement.

As leaders we need to stay aware of the persistent, annoying stuff that gets in the way or our teams.

This can come in the form of negativity, uncertainty, unmade decisions, changing course too frequently, broken processes, too many bad meetings… The list is endless.

As leaders we need to be always vigilant about searching out chaos and obstacles and eliminating them from the environment.

Work is hard enough without letting unnecessary things fester that make it worse.

This webinar is loaded with valuable resources

This webinar will give you many ideas for creating the right kinds of communications and conversations, as well as how to make the changes you want to see more tangible motivation in your organization and environment.

And it includes worksheets and templates for creating conversations, decorating the change, employee led communications, and for listening and sharing information with key stakeholder groups.

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