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TWO Year Anniversary

Thank you for your support of MOVE. I launched it two years ago in New York City with an exciting store front display on 5th Ave. Wow, I was so grateful for that experience! Read More

Did you have the fight yet?

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Something that has been on my mind recently is that so many executives are reluctant to have real conversations with their organizations. They prefer a “just go do it” type of interaction.

I have written about this here on the blog as well as in my book MOVE and even gave a TEDx talk about the value of unstructured conversation in successfully driving strategy. Read More

Collectively Admiring the Problem

collectively admirning

Talk vs. Action

There is a specific and unfortunately common type of corporate behavior where people substitute sounding smart in a meeting for actually contributing work.

People will come to meetings with lots of insight and data – and good intentions. Read More

Avoiding Decision Stall: Debate vs. GO

debate vs go

Decision Stall

Many companies that I talk to have issues with effective decision making — They want to make better decisions. They want to make them faster. And they want them to stick.

While leaders often need to make decisions with incomplete data, one of the common issues I see is that decisions are made without learning all the data that IS knowable, and without enough support of the team. Read More

Creating High Employee Engagement

This month’s Professional Development webinar was on the topic of Creating High Employee Engagement.

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Get the webinar

If you missed it you can download the recording.

Members of my professional development program can download this webinar for free. Read More

Communication vs. Conversation: The Monday MOVE Idea

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Communicating is not Enough

The Monday MOVE Idea: Communication vs. Conversation

Each Monday until the launch of my upcoming book MOVE (Tomorrow!!!), I’m sharing an important idea from the book.

The right measure of communication success is never about how clearly you think you have communicated.

Read More

Coping with a difficult business situation


“Courage does not always roar”

I really like this quote from Mary Anne Radmacher.

I write this in a week when all of my best laid plans and commitments have been washed away by the flooding rains and power outages in California. Read More