Is your boss is tormenting you with detail?

The issue with detail-addicted executives

I frequently hear this issue from mid level managers:

What do I do when my boss requires even more detail than I do? and knows more detail than I do?  I’m afraid of losing credibility if I’m not as detailed as my boss. Read More

How to Instantly Be More Strategic

Think before you work

People often ask me to describe what it means to be strategic.

The first and most fundamental step to being more strategic is to simply think before you work.

And an even more clear way to say this is that if you just accept a task or a project and start working on it without thinking about it, that’s a pretty good definition of being NOT-strategic — trying to do everything equally as it comes in. Read More

How good leaders share bad news…

Difficult Communications

One of the things that sets strong leaders apart is that they personally show up in a decisive and intentional way, no matter how difficult the situation is.

There are lots of situations when a leader is faced with not having a happy story to tell. Read More

4 ways to have a better staff meeting

higher value horizontal

Why are we here?

In pretty much every company I work with, people complain about meetings. Too many meetings, useless meetings, a waste of time, I don’t really need to be there…

While you can’t improve the quality of every meeting you are invited to, you can improve the quality of the ones that you run with your staff. Read More

Mastering Executive Communications

master exec comms

This month’s webinar was on Mastering Executive Communications.

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Members of my professional mentoring program can…

You don’t get a chance to recover…

The ability to create and deliver clear, persuasive, high quality communications to executives is a critical skill to master in your career. Read More

Managing Your Boss

Managing Your Boss
This month’s webinar was on Managing Your Boss.

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If you missed it you can download the recording.

Members of my professional development program can

Here is what we talked about:

This is a useful webinar to download if you need to:

  • Improve how you and your boss communicate
  • Negotiate your compensation with confidence
  • Make sure your accomplishments are valued by the company
  • Get more support for your work, your team and your career
  • Get connected to the organization above and around your boss

Never get surprised in your career

I can say with certainty that a key reason I was able to advance my career so successfully is that I never left my relationship with my boss to chance. Read More