Commitments, Deadlines & Employee Motivation

This month’s webinar was on the topic of Motivation, Commitments and Deadlines.

If you missed it, you can download the recording.

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This is a very useful webinar to download if you want to:

  • Get your team executing better, and more consistently
  • Become more comfortable discussing and sticking to deadlines
  • Learn how to enforce consequences without de-motivating people
  • Choose the right measures that make success and failure very clear
  • Have the right (non-emotional) conversations when expections are not met

Why organizations don’t deliver on time

The simple truth is that many organizations don’t deliver on time because there are no consequences for not delivering on time.

Many managers find the conversation to confront the missed expectation uncomfortable so they tend to avoid it.

Or they think that calling people out on failing to deliver will be demotivating.

Deadlines are motivating

Deadlines are motivating when they are set properly and clearly, because it gives everyone an understood goal to shoot for.

Also, deadlines are motivating because they reinforce the fact that the work is important.

If your team fails to meet a deadline and you don’t address it, THAT is demotivaing because:

1. It makes people feel like their work doesn’t matter
2. It sends the message that “meeting deadlines isn’t important around here”.
3. People who ARE meeting deadlines start to belive there is no reason to work so hard

Communicating before, during and after

It’s very important as a leader to be really clear about deadlines and measures, and communicate about them before, during, and after the date has arrived.

We talked about how having the right kind of very clear measures actually makes the conversation about missing them much more comfortable and straightforward.

If you define the measures the right way, and committ to the ongoing conversation, you never have to have an uncomfortable, personal confrontation. You are instead discussing clearly agreed data, and simply having a practical discussion about what happened.

Good and bad habits

Organizations that take the time to develop the right, good habits, do better at execution.

Leaders can’t expect their team to value execution if they don’t manage the smaller habits in a way that shows “we are serious around here”.

Things like tolerating people being late to meetings, or not closing the loop on communications sends a message that “We do not care about excellence here”.

We talked about the common small corporate crimes which re-inforce bad habits, and ultimately put important programs at risk.

As a leader you have the chance to create the enviornment. Through your behaviors and habits, you can set the expectations for a high level of quality in the work, and for the execution and follow-up. And it’s really important that you do this on purpose.

What the webinar covered:

This webinar covered how to develop the key habits and communications in your team to keep everyone focused on on-time delivery and execution.

We talked about:

  • How to increase motivation for meeting deadlines
  • The important role that failure plays and how to deal with it
  • The right habits and the wrong habits to fuel quality execution
  • What you should be doing in staff meetings other than reviewing status
  • How to get better at the boring and required stuff to keep things on track
  • And more…


The worksheets included in this webinar are:

  • Define mid-term measures template
  • Timeline for communicating
  • Improving habits – team brainstorming
  • Checklist: How to use staff meeting time (not on status!)

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