What a manager must communicate…

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Operation vs. Communication Tools

Your team creates all kinds of reports, spread sheets and slides to plan, run, measure, and report on what you are doing in your operation.

Of course you need these detailed materials to run your function — but please don’t inflict them on others! Read More

Marketing & Positioning Yourself

This month’s webinar was on Marketing & Positioning Yourself.

If you missed it, you can download the podcast!


This is a useful webinar to download if you need to:

  • Prepare for a job search or interview
  • Go after a promotion in your own company
  • Prepare for your annual performance review
  • Build a compelling, go-to library of career-management materials
  • Be seen as your best, authentic self, more frequently and consistently

Free Download

If you are a member of Azzarello Group, you can download the webinar for free. Read More

What your peers are reading…

I was quite excited when I realized that I could open my book RISE on my kindle and ask to “view popular highlights and marks”.

How cool is that?

As I browsed through what most people were highlighting, I got the idea to share them because there is an interesting theme here…

The Most Popular Highlights in RISE

Here they are…

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When to speak up

This is short post this week, but this topic is on my mind because I have had this conversation with so many people over the past month or so.

The dilemma so many people face…

Two kinds of people

There is one kind of person (who is universally disliked) that brags, is always talking, pretends they know it all, doesn’t add value, but acts like they are really important. Read More

How to become more valuable

Since this month’s upcoming webinar is on Developing Strategic Habits, I wanted to talk how becoming more valuable and being more strategic are connected.

What do I mean by “being strategic”?

  • The opposite of reacting immediately and equally to everything
  • Overall, big picture, business understanding
  • Deciding on purpose, how you want to invest your time, and doing it
  • Conceiving of, leading, and implementing necessary change and transformation
  • Understanding investments, impact, outcomes, costs, risks and consequences
  • Assessing the need for, and building support systems
  • Achieving predictable success on long term projects and goals
  • Evolving your role to meet changing business needs
  • …always considering what adds the most value, not just working hard

What adds value?

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