10 Reasons to Think About Your Personal Brand

You already have a personal brand

You have a Personal Brand right now whether you know it or not.

You have a Personal Brand right now whether or not it’s something that you care about.

You have a Personal Brand right now even if you think this idea is stupid.

Your Personal Brand is whatever everybody else says it is

The reason you already have a Personal Brand is because others define it for you — based on their experiences interacting with you.

Your behaviors convey your Brand

You convey your Personal Brand just by existing.

Your reputation is based on your behaviors…what you show, share, do, give and take from others.

It’s based on how you communicate (or not). It’s based on how you value those around you (or not).

So the two key ideas I want to share here are:

Is your current Personal Brand what you want it to be?

Why it is worth developing your Personal Brand to serve your career in an intentional way

Your Best Self

Think about having a strong Personal Brand as having a clear picture of who you are authentically and at your very best, and then committing to show up as that best version of your self more often.

1. Knowing what your Personal Brand is (by getting feedback from others) then…

2. Defining what you want it to be (your authentic, best self that you’d like to be recognized for), and then…

3. Sharing it with others (by behaving consistently in a way that demonstrates it) has many upsides in your career and life.

In the next weeks I am going to be writing short articles on each of the following 10 reasons why understanding and being intentional about your Personal Brand is so valuable. But here’s a sneak peek.

Confidence and Satisfaction

1. Be more confident

Having a clear picture of your best self helps you show up that way on purpose and more frequently. Being at your best builds confidence. Also when you know what puts you at your best, you have a place to go when you feel nervous or unsure, where you can feel confident that you will do well.

2. Be more fulfilled

When you know clearly what you stand for, and what has the most meaning to you, and where your natural strengths lie (all the things that go into a Personal Brand) it’s easier to find meaning and satisfaction in your work.

3. Lose the fear of not being good enough

When you are in tune with your best self, and your brand is based on your natural gifts and strengths, it’s easier to trust that your real, authentic self is not only welcome and good enough — but excellent at doing what you do best.


4. Be more effective/save time

When you have a framework for how you operate at your best, you can get there quicker. Having a your Brand defined is like having a roadmap and a checklist for how you work at your best. When you face a blank page on anything, you can use that pattern to get started quickly and with confidence, and spend less time wondering what to do or how to start.

5. Face fewer stupid questions

When others know your Brand — what to expect from you consistently, they trust you more, so you face fewer annoying challenges and questions to defend your decisions and investments (and your honor). This saves time!

6. Easier decisions

When you face a tough decision, if you have a clear image of how your best self would handle it, you can consult that person. I do this all the time. (The Patty with the better hair.)

Recognition & Reputation

7. Establish yourself quickly in new situations

When you know ahead of time how you want to show up and be perceived, you can show up that way on purpose, immediately and consistently, so you build a strong reputation quickly from the start.

8. Recognition & Credibility

If you are being consistent in your most positive behaviors, that consistency reinforces what you want people to know about you, so your recognition soars (for specifically what you want to be recognized for).

9. Be the obvious choice

When you are wanting promotion and advancement, you need to make yourself be seen as the obvious choice. Knowing your Brand helps you position yourself with confidence, consistently, to get strongly associated with the role you want to attain.

10. Increase executive presence

There is no better foundation for a compelling executive presence than the natural confidence you will have from knowing who you are and putting your authentic best self forward. People with strong Personal Brands naturally have high credibility and strong executive presence.

Do you want some help with your Personal Brand?

Do you want some help understanding, defining and developing your own powerful Personal Brand?

Authentic Leadership and Personal Brand

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Patty Azzarello

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Patty Azzarello is an executive, best-selling author, speaker and CEO/Business Advisor. She became the youngest general manager at HP at the age of 33, ran a billion dollar software business at 35 and became a CEO for the first time at 38 (all without turning into a self-centered, miserable jerk)

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