The hidden (and most important) information in every organization

hidden information

What is really happening here?

In my recent TEDx talk: Reclaiming Humanity at Work, I told a story about how when I started a new executive level job, that I wasn’t sure exactly what I was supposed to be doing. Read More

12 human conversations that drive strategy execution


Will your strategy stall before it even starts?

One of the basic hazards I see that stops strategy dead in its tracks is a lack of real conversation about it.

Executives can be very clear on what they want to accomplish and think that have been very clear with their organization about what must be done and why. Read More

Getting big gains from improving small habits

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The power of small habits

Doing hard things is hard!

Doing big things is hard!

Doing small things is not as hard.

The big idea for me, is that developing good habits on small, easy things, can have the direct effect of making bigger, harder things easier to do. Read More

Avoiding Decision Stall: Debate vs. GO

debate vs go

Decision Stall

Many companies that I talk to have issues with effective decision making — They want to make better decisions. They want to make them faster. And they want them to stick.

While leaders often need to make decisions with incomplete data, one of the common issues I see is that decisions are made without learning all the data that IS knowable, and without enough support of the team. Read More

A big thank you — to YOU!

I want to thank everyone who helped make the launch of MOVE such a huge success!
I also wanted to stop for a moment to fully appreciate this truly extraordinary experience for which I am enormously grateful, by sharing this short photo/video diary. Read More

Talk vs. Action: Collectively Admiring the Problem

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The Monday MOVE Idea

Each Monday until the launch of my upcoming book MOVE, I’ll be sharing an important idea from the book. This week: Talk vs. Action: Collectively Admiring the Problem.

Big Goals

Think about the really important goals your team talks about all the time. Read More

The hidden cost of a business review


Too much time spent on internal reviewing!

In the last two weeks alone, I have had 3 different organizations at 3 different companies tell me that they are preparing for an executive business review and therefore can’t do anything else for the next 2 – 3 weeks. Read More

One big warning sign that your team won't execute

31 - old Beijing brick wall

Lessons from a high school musical

I learned a big lesson about business execution during rehearsals for my high school musical.

An unlikely take-away for sure, but I’ve always been interested in what makes groups of people able to get things done, and for me I got a big aha on the stage of my high school production of George M. Read More

Long term goals are hard for humans

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The Monday MOVE Idea

Each Monday until the launch of my upcoming book MOVE, I’ll be sharing an important idea from the book. This week: Long Term Goals are Hard for Humans

Think of your strategy like your New Years resolution

Oh, wait…that’s the problem! Read More