Schedule Time for Yourself … and Hide!

Make More Time

This month’s topic in my Executive Mentoring Group is Make More Time.

The goal here is to create 2 or more hours a week for yourself to have time to think, plan, work on strategic priorities — or get a little life back! Read More

One big warning sign that your team won't execute

31 - old Beijing brick wall

Lessons from a high school musical

I learned a big lesson about business execution during rehearsals for my high school musical.

An unlikely take-away for sure, but I’ve always been interested in what makes groups of people able to get things done, and for me I got a big aha on the stage of my high school production of George M. Read More

3 ideas to greatly improve your business plan

3 strategy ideas              

As we begin the calendar year, I have received many questions about strategic business planning and how to make it more effective.

I have found myself repeating the same ideas, so I decided to collect them in a blog post, as well as create bundle of expert webinars on the topic. Read More

Do we need more data?

Jump In

Are you implementing your strategy
or studying it?

I was working with a CEO and his executive team on their strategy when we came to an interesting point in the day about their needing a game-changing initiative.

The group brainstormed for awhile, and discussed several potential game changers.  Read More