How small habits can lead to big gains

Habits that drive accountability

Many leaders struggle with how to hold people accountable for effective execution. What should you do when someone misses a deadline or a commitment?
What does accountability look like specifically?

One of things that sets organizations with a high capacity for execution apart from those that struggle, is that they pay attention to creating good habits on even on small things. Read More

Getting big gains from improving small habits

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The power of small habits

Doing hard things is hard!

Doing big things is hard!

Doing small things is not as hard.

The big idea for me, is that developing good habits on small, easy things, can have the direct effect of making bigger, harder things easier to do. Read More

5 things that block strategic progress

Good General Manager Series

The struggle

All organizations struggle at some point to put their Strategy into Action (Read: actually get done what they say they want to do).

I find that key problems of executing are common in companies of all sizes and industries — but particularly in companies that want to scale. Read More