Don't confuse networking with selling

Authentic Networking

I have written many articles about Authentic Networking, that are about using a genuine, generous approach to building your “extra team”.

We all need this type of network.

The basic premise of
Authentic Networking is:

* Meet new people because they genuinely interest you
* Build and put value into your network by giving. Read More

Professional Networking & Mentors

on-air-200This month’s webinar topic Professional Networking and Mentors is such an important one for people searching for relevance and opportunities.

We talked about how to strategically build the network you need to accomplish your professional goals.

You can download the podcast Professional Networking and Mentors to hear the discussion. Read More

Authentic Networking

Collecting a stack of business cards from people you met once at a networking event is not adding any real value to your network. Skip it if you hate it.

I often talk about this, but realized that I have not written about this on my blog, so I wanted to share a few thoughts on growing your network. Read More