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Get More of the Right Stuff Done

1. Influence is one of those career lessons that no one ever seems to tell you about directly. Know that this is part of your job no matter what your level. Without strong influence skills you get stuck.

2. Be more effective – Get more work done. You need to multiply your resources.  If you rely only on what you and your team can deliver directly, you will fall behind. We talked about how to get more people working for you!

3. Broaden Your Impact. You need to look at your work in the context the bigger business needs, and increase the breadth and value of the outcomes you drive.  We covered how to demonstrate an impact beyond your team.

4. Sell Your Ideas. Having good ideas is very different than successfully selling them and getting them acted upon. You need influence skills to get your ideas adopted by the organization.

Manage Your Career

5. Influence Perceptions – Managing how others perceive you is vital to your career growth. Use your influence skills to do this on purpose. See also Tuning Your Personal Brand.

6. Win the Promotions – Know that ability to influence is a key factor in deciding who is promotable.  If you are not seen as someone who has support across the organization with broad influence, you will get passed over.  See also Manage Your Career

How to Influence

7. Control vs. Motivation. The most important thing is to give people a reason to personally care, and WANT to help you, whether or not they report to you.   If people care, they will deliver for you.  We talked about tactics for how to motivate people to want to help you.

8. Be a Communicator. The more you share knowledge, reach out to people and communicate, the more you will be seen as giving back to the organization, doing important things, and being someone worth helping.

9. How to get others to do work for you – We talked about a number of tactics to get people  to help even when they are not motivated.  A big piece of this is being gracious in your request and grateful in your follow-up.

10. Time, Trust, Relationships – Influence does not happen over night.  We talked about the things you need to be doing over time to build up your ability to influence.  Understand the power structure across your organization and start communicating and building relationships now.

How YOU can increase your influence NOW.

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