Packaging Yourself (10 Ideas)




Have the Right Strategy

1. You, the Product. You will come across as much more powerful and compelling if you develop your approach to present yourself.

You need to think of yourself as a product to be marketed, and create a communication strategy for each audience you need to influence.

You have a lot of control over how you are perceived, and can stack the deck in your favor, if you do the right things on purpose.

Create the Right Materials

2. Your Marketing Materials. We talked about creating an inventory of marketing materials way beyond a resume.

3. The worksheets for this Webinar are loaded with checklists, examples, and templates for creating a compelling marketing package for your job search or stronger positioning within your company. (download)

Define Your Unique Offer

4. Your Offer: You need to talk about what you offer in a specific way that opens doors and gets people making introductions for you.

5. Thought Leadership. If you want a big job, people will Google you. Make sure they find something impressive! We covered how to create presence and thought leadership internal and external to your company.

6. The Right Stories. Having the right stories prepared ahead of time is critical to making the right impression.  How to package your key accomplishments and proudest moments, and use them to gain a real advantage in how others perceive you.

7. Story Telling:
Don’t be boring! How to wrap the right, different titles and
punch lines around key stories for each specific audience, and your desired outcome with them.

Take the Right Actions

8. How to get on “the List”: There is always ” A List”.  Learn how to get on it.  Make connections and get the support of people who are in a position to help you.

9. Make the Connection:
We talked about how to map what you offer to what companies are looking for, so they will recognize that you are what they are looking for.

10. How I did it: I walked through an example of how I used all of these techniques at a time in my career when I was going for a big job.

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