Tuning Your Personal Brand: 10 Ideas




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Your Current Brand

1. You have a Personal Brand right now whether you know it or not!
Find out what it is and don’t leave it to chance!

Your brand is defined by what others perceive of you.  They base that on the behaviors that they see from you most consistently.  How can you better demonstrate the things you most want to be known for?

2. Consistency is KEY.
Being consistently bad is better than being inconsistently good!  Inconsistency causes disappointment.  Consistency builds confidence, trust, and credibility.

Changing Your Brand

3. If you want to tune or change your Personal Brand, you need to turn up the volume on new consistent behaviors that demonstrate what you want to be known for, and turn down the volume on those you don’t.

4. Evolve a Positive:
You can evolve a positive brand attribute that is not well targeted to your current professional situation by attaching or partnering new behaviors to current ones.  Don’t just be focused, be focused AND action oriented.

5. Recover and rebuild.
You can get rid of negative brand attributes, (or climb out of a hole you dug with a screw up) by purposefully stopping certain behaviors and adding positive ones consistently over time – it takes time to give people a reason to trust a new behavior.

More Visibility and Relevance

6. Be more relevant. Don’t be well thought of but off base. If  you have a strong brand that  is not relevant to your current environment, (like if you have made a job change and people don’t see you as strong in the new role) add a focused new set of behaviors which create the new impression you want to give.

7. Be more visible. Don’t be well thought of but blank. If you are  respected in your small circle, but largely unknown and invisible, you will need to select something specific you want to be known for and tune your behaviors and communications to give people the right hook for what you want them to know and respect you for.

Using and Reinforcing Your Brand

8. Re-inforce it. Use your brand in every interaction – every meeting, email, presentation, sales call, every partner meeting… when you keep your brand top of mind and use it in every situation you will be perceived in a consistent, positive, trusted way.

9. Create your own personal role model.
Your Personal Brand should describe the  best version of your self, and be a picture of someone that you can look up to and strive to emulate at every interaction.

10. Be more satisfied: A strong Personal Brand is based on your core strengths and values.  It is WHY you are good at what you are good at.  If you define and live your Personal Brand, you will be more effective and more satisfied in your work.



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