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This month’s webinar was on the topic of Stand Out, Get Promoted

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Are you getting the recognition and opportunities you deserve?

Both from my own quickly rising career, and from the experience I’ve had hiring many managers and executives, I’ve had a lot of opportunities to study what stands out.

I have also worked with many others who are talented, hard working people who failed to advance.

Do you ever notice that some people just seem to be able to rise somehow, naturally, even despite a young age, and having less experience than others? And do you ever notice that other great people, who work really hard, get stuck?

Practical steps for standing out

I’ve figured out the specific, practical things that make the difference between getting ahead and just working really hard.

I put the whole step by step, guide to improve your career in my book RISE, but I also wanted to do a webinar that summarized some of the key, points for standing out in a brief audio session.

So, this is a very useful webinar to download if you want to:

  • Learn what truly stands out, and will accellerate your career
  • Feel great about the value of your work
  • Get a promotion without being political
  • Take more control of your career, and have more choices

In this webinar: Stand Out, Get Promoted I share the practical formula for advancing your career.

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What the webinar covered:

The difference between Stand-out and Average

In this webinar I talked about how to do the 6 things you need to do to stand out.

Here is what I covered:

1. Add More Business Value (Increase your team’s ROI)
2. Improve and Change (You, your team, the environment)

3. Be the clear choice (If you want to win, then be the clear winner)
4. Communicate and Share Knowledge (Be the one to make everyone smarter)

5. Grow Your Network (Build a genuine network of broad support)
6. Mentor Others (You won’t rise if you don’t pull others up with you)

The bottom line

The bottom line is that doing an excellent job at your job description will not make you stand out.

To stand out you need to do more than your job descption. You need to do more than you are asked. And you need to do it without being asked.

Give Yourself a Performance Review

In the webinar I also provided worksheets for giving yourself a realistic performance review in each of these 6 categories. Make sure you understand the difference between “Stand Out” behavior, “Average (and therefore invisible)” behavior, and “Poor performance”.

Make your plan

I also included worksheets to help you plan your “stand out” investments.

I see so many careers get stuck because people do a great job at their job and they wait to be rewarded for that with something bigger and better. It doesn’t work this way.

Doing your job will not qualify you for a bigger job.

If you want a bigger job, you need to do a bigger job, before you get there.

I describe this in my book RISE as “The Experience Paradox”.

The experience Paradox: You can’t get the job without the experience, but you can get the experience without the job.

In this webinar, I give specific examples of things you can do in each of the 6 areas listed above to ensure that your efforts will truly stand out and be recognized.

To learn the specific ideas and techniques, we talked about, and get the worksheets to help you, download the webinar: Stand Out, Get Promoted:

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