How well do you invest your time?

What is time management?

Somebody recently asked me, “what do you mean by time management”?

My answer is this:

Time management is refusing to waste too much time on low-value, low-enjoyment activities.

There are two parts to it:

1. Identify what you should, or want to be doing
2. Read More

The Blank-sheet (ideal) Org Chart

The right team

Are you leading the team you need?
Or leading the team you have?

Last week I wrote a post about recognizing if you have someone on your team who is not strategic enough

You keep hoping that they will become more strategic…

I can tell you how that play ends… They won’t. Read More

Addiction to Detail

I have observed this particular organizational
dysfunction throughout my entire career, but
have never put my finger on a root cause until
I recently read a book called The Leadership Pipeline*.

The first thing that jumped out at me was a comment about the career transitions from
worker, to manager of people, to manager of
managers, to functional manager, to general manager, to business manager, etc. Read More