Shame people into doing the work

When people don’t deliver on their commitments

One of the questions I get most frequently is how to get people who don’t work for you, to do work for you.

So many people are in matrixed situations, or they are a program manager over an endeavor that is dependent on people from all over the place. Read More

Saying NO to your boss

saying NO to your boss

What should you do when your boss keeps asking for things?

What should you do when demands pile up so high that you and your team are constantly over-booked and the work just keeps coming?

I always talk about how you need to rise above the tactical workload and be more strategic — but what do you do when it’s your boss that is causing the problem? Read More

How to Talk (or sell) to Executives

Talk to an executive

Talking at a higher level


Most companies I work with want to sell higher value deals to higher level executives.

The problem is, their sales force doesn’t know how to talk to executives.


Also, many people I work with are concerned about their executive presence.  Read More

10 Ways to Sell Your Ideas


Getting people to agree…

If you’re ever frustrated that no one listens to your ideas…

If  your opinions are not appreciated, or your proposals get dismissed, you need to do a better job selling them.


Every month I do a free webinar, and then I publish 10 key points about it on my blog. Read More

3 Sales Lessons we All Need

sales lessons we need

On a flight this week I had a fun conversation with a top sales executive about the profession of selling.

The best sales people have some fundamental things in common:

  • They put themselves out there over and over again with no fear
  • They hear “NO” a lot, and always keep trying
  • Disappointment, hurt pride, and failure have little impact on their continuing to do the first 2
  • They always tune their offer to what their customer values most.
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