How Ruthless Priorities Drive Strategy

Every month I do a webinar on a topic of business leadership
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This month’s webinar was on Ruthless Priorities & Strategy.
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If you missed it, you can download the podcast! Read More

Safe conversation, dangerous business

Last week in my blog I suggested you stop wasting time having status meetings.

This week I want to extend the conversation suggest you resist the urge to hide in too much complexity and detail.

The reason people and teams fall into this is because complexity can make you feel smart and safe. Read More

Stop having status meetings! 5 better things to do instead

If you take the time to collect your team in a room together, the last thing you should do is review status.

Status review meetings

I think this is an organizational habit that takes root when new managers have a staff meeting because they think they should, and then they are not sure what to talk about, so they ask each person to give an update about their work. Read More

Patty’s Must-read books (for Business Leaders)

I read a lot of good and useful books that I generally recommend, but most of them did not make this list.

Huge Impact

These are the few books that when I read them, fundamentally changed my perspective on business and leadership forever after. Read More

Succession Planning: Take my job, please…

What is a good succession plan?

I find it interesting is that most companies do one of two extremes when it comes to succession planning:

1.  Nothing at all

2. A very cumbersome process with lots of documents and checkpoints for multiple candidates which never amounts to anything. Read More

Lesson from the dogs…

Lesson from the dogs

About a year ago, I went dogsledding in Canmore, Canada.

It was great. And ever since then, when I have a discussion with an executive about their organization, I think back to this experience.

The right team

I’ve said this before, there is no more important thing you can do as a business leader than to build the right team. Read More

Consensus or Command? Neither works!

The wrong terms

Throughout my whole career I kept hearing discussions about consensus vs. command and they always rubbed me the wrong way…

What actually works was never such a mystery to me.

The problem is that people would talk about consensus or command as the only two choices for management style. Read More