How to communicate for engagement

First, a story…

When I started my first executive job, in my first 2 weeks, I did 1-1 meetings with more than 100 people. I talked about why, and what happened in my TEDx talk.

But the thing I want to talk about today, is that after that, I wanted to find a way to continue communicating with people as individuals, but I certainly could not make a habit of doing 50+ 1-1 meeting every week! Read More

Creating conversation that drives action

Communication vs. Conversation

One of the big aha’s of my career as a business executive, is that no one actually listens to you!

As executives, we like to think that when we have just announced a compelling new strategy, initiative, or transformation, that people not only listened, but have internalized it, and are ready to take action. Read More

A key way to reduce business risk that many leaders miss


Late last year, I had a big AHA I want to share with you.

Here’s where it came from…

When I do strategy execution work with executive teams, I typically begin with an assessment phase where I talk with people across the organization at multiple levels. Read More

Want more progress from your team? Change Communicating into Conversation

Awhile back I wrote an article in my General Manager series called “Why people don’t do what you say”.

It  had 10 steps for improving how you communicate with your organization.

Just as a quick summary, here are the 10 points:

1. Read More