How Ruthless Priorities Drive Strategy

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This month’s webinar was on Ruthless Priorities & Strategy.
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This is a good webinar to download if you:

  • Are on the hook to implement a key business strategy and want to reduce risk
  • Want to focus and motivate your team on the right critical tasks
  • Have struggled to define meaningful measures that ensure progress
  • Need a way to push back on non-strategic (but not-optional work)
  • Find yourself in bad meetings with too much talking vs. doing

What makes strategies succeed?

The main reason companies fail to execute their strategy is because they don’t effectively prioritize doing the right strategic stuff.

In this webinar I shared things I have observed and learned both from my own organizations as well as the many client organizations I currently work with to effectively implement their strategy.

All organizations have non-optional, annoying, and distracting work that comes both from internal pressures, and customer issues and demands.

Successful execution is all about being realistic about what you have to do and what it will require, and also being realistic and prepared for all the stuff that tries to throw you off course.

Focus and Accountability

Many organizations fail to choose and measure the right things the right way. They choose things that are easy to measure vs. things that actually predict and ensure progress.

We talked about how to understand and define the right mid-term measures, control points, and outcome-oriented measures that will move you forward and eliminate risk.

Doing vs. Talking

We also covered the common habits of poor communication, bad meetings, ineffective collaboration and unclear decision making that result in lots of unproductive talking. I shared some practical techniques to combat this “talking” and move your team into focused, active doing instead.

Here’s what the webinar covers:

How to stay focused on the key drivers of your strategy:

  • Define and budget time for the right Ruthless Priorities
  • Defend against urgent demands that pull you off course
  • Deal with inneffecitve collaboration (talking!) that stalls progress
  • Set the right measures that will ensure progress and reduce risk

Worksheets included

There are some great worksheets for this webinar which include:

  • Time & resource budgets for Ruthless Priorities and distractions
  • Tools to defend against non-strategic demands and time-wasters
  • Template for defining effective mid-term measures

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