Executive Presence and Confidence

This month’s Professional Development webinar was on the topic of Executive Presence and Confidence.


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Shut Your Monkey: Productivity, Creativity, and Stress

This month’s Professional Development webinar was on the topic of Productivity, Creativity and Stress.

If you missed it you can download the recording.

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6 key choices for success and happiness


Our choices

As we start the new year I’ve been thinking about choices.

I realized that there are some simple, key choices that we all have immediately available to us that can help us be more true to ourselves, and become happier and more successful at work and life — no matter where we are starting from. Read More

Scared does NOT mean Not-qualified


Scared is OK, disqualifying yourself is not

It’s been awhile since I’ve written about this, and there are so many new followers of this blog (thank you and welcome!), so I wanted to write this short blog because I think it’s really important to share this:

Everyone gets scared.

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Fear, progress and "The Accidental Expert"


I was recently telling a story about a time in my career when I had an all out panic.

I’m in over my head!

When I got my first general manager job at Hewlett Packard, early into the role, my team had identified a significant gap in our product offering, and the recommendation was that we acquire a technology from another company. Read More

New is stressful

new is stressful

I want to share two important ideas that I learned from one of my key, long-time mentors, Jim Davis. These have proven to be profoundly valuable through my career.

Big Idea #1 – New is stressful

There was a time when I started a new, big, executive job, and the enormity of what I needed to learn was crushing. Read More

Bullies and Sabotage

This month’s webinar was on Bullies and Sabotage.

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Bullies and Sabotage

This is a useful webinar to download if you:

  • Need to deal with a boss or a peer who is a bully, and keep your career intact
  • Need to counter a saboteur who is challenging your credibility and reputation
  • Want some specific tactics to disarm bullies and saboteurs, and protect yourself
  • Want to feel stronger and more confident around strong, negative personalities

My childhood bully

I was bullied for many years as a child. Read More

Why I am thankful for my childhood bullies

Bullied as a kid

I think many of us have the experience of being a misfit or an outcast as a child. I certainly do not have the corner on this. But with all the talk of bullying right now, it got me thinking about my childhood bullies and the ultimate impact that being bullied had on my life. Read More