Using Your Strengths to Thrive More at Work

This month’s Professional Development webinar was on the topic of Using Your Strengths to Thrive More at Work.


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Don’t take your strengths for granted

As humans we tend to take our strengths for granted because when we are working in our area of greatest natural strengths, what we are doing feels easy. And because it feels easy, it doesn’t seem impressive — so we fail to value our own strengths, and focus instead on the things we are not good at.

In this webinar we talked about the value and the magic that happens in your career when you recognize your strengths and start to build on them instead of focusing so much on your weaknesses.

Once you learn how to build upon your strengths your performance will increase, your career will progress more naturally, and you will be much happier!

I shared practical ideas for how to build on your strengths to put yourself in a position to truly excel.

Find your strengths: There are also pointers to strength assessments and exercises to help you discover your strengths included in the worksheets for this webinar.

Build your confidence

Never disqualify yourself from an opportunity because you are scared. Everyone is scared!

By using your strengths as a platform you can step outside your comfort zone with more confidence. Your strengths are the key to finding a more secure and confident place to work from.

We talked about how to build your confidence to take on new and challenging situations successfully by starting with your strengths

Tune Your Job

The most successful people figure out what they are really good at, and then put themselves in a position to do that most of the time!

It’s up to you to negotiate your performance objectives in a way that puts you in your power alley. Change your job over time. We talked about how to negotiate a business case that lets you use your strengths more.

Also, volunteer. Find and create opportunities to use your strengths — and get famous for doing so. You’ll find that you will attract more of that type of work over time (because you are good at it!) We discussed some examples of how to do this.

Build a team

No one person can be good at everything, but a team can! Learn to develop a team where you are all using your strengths and benefiting from each others’ contributions.

Like your job and life more!

When you are using your natural strengths, it feel great because your are succeeding without torturing yourself! You are making big gains and big wins. You feel proud. The crowds are cheering…

When you are thriving at work, when you have energy for your work, when you are confident at work because you have found a way of working that really suits your strengths and you feel appreciated, you will have much more energy to enjoy your life.

Also it feels great when you don’t need to turn yourself into someone else on Monday morning when you go to work. The more you can focus on your natural strengths the more your true self will feel welcome at work.

You have more control than you think

You have the opportunity to define how you work. By focusing on your natural strengths, you will feel happier and more confident, and you will succeed more.

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