Everything is impossible and everyone is a shark

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The Monday MOVE Idea

Each Monday until the launch of my upcoming book MOVE, I’ll be sharing an important idea from the book. This week: Everything is impossible and everyone is shark.

Leadership is supposed to be hard

There will be times when you face ugly challenges and personal attacks.

I coach a lot of senior executives and with pretty much everyone we reach a point where I tell them,

You’ll be better off if you start your thinking with the idea that, everything is impossible and everyone is a shark

Treat it like work, not like injury

If you can get your head around the fact that everything is supposed to be hard/nearly-impossible, and that you are likely to be swimming with predators, you can start using the same talents and energy that you use to solve sensible business problems, to address these personal challenges too.

It’s possible to treat this type of obstacle like any other project or program and get busy working to overcome it.

If instead you spend energy thinking, “But this is totally unreasonable and others are out to get me,” (while that might be true) that line of thinking doesn’t give you an action plan to deal with it.

Waiting for the rest of the world to get reasonable is a bad strategy because it doesn’t happen.

Once you embrace the fact that YOUR JOB = Your job description PLUS all the crap that gets in the way of delivering on your job description…You will feel (and BE) in a lot more in control.


I’m really excited to share the important ideas, and all the tools I put in my upcoming book MOVE to help you get your team (at any level in the organization) to execute your strategy more decisively.

MOVE will be available in February, but you can download a free preview now or pre-order your copy now.
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Patty Azzarello is an executive, best-selling author, speaker and CEO/Business Advisor. She became the youngest general manager at HP at the age of 33, ran a billion dollar software business at 35 and became a CEO for the first time at 38 (all without turning into a self-centered, miserable jerk)

You can find Patty at www.AzzarelloGroup.com, follow her on twitter or facebook

You can find Patty at www.AzzarelloGroup.com, follow her on twitter or Facebook, or read her books RISE and MOVE.

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