Remote working: How not to lose the in-person benefit

When everyone is working remotely

Suddenly, like it or not, we have all been thrown into remote working.

And there is a natural concern that we will not be as effective.

One of the big aha’s for me about remote working that I learned over the past several years, is that…

You don’t have to give up on quality, motivation, productivity, and team-y-ness, just because you are not in the same room.

Focus on the idea of presence

Think about what is happening when you are in a room with someone.

What does physical presence really mean?

First, you are both in the same room. You can see each other, you can see each others body language and facial expressions.

You can see the energy of the other person from the tone of their voice and how they express themselves as a whole person.

You can each see the same things in the room. You can look at the same work products. You can collaborate on a work product.

All of those things are benefits to good working rapport and collaboration, to building trust, to fueling creativity, and to increasing productivity.

The idea that I want to share is that when you are working remotely, in reality, you don’t have to give up most of those things!

Use Video

If you can’t be in the same room physically, what would be the very next level of presence that would offer the least loss?


If you have been following me, you know I am fierce advocate for using video.

One of the fascinating things people have been telling me recently about video is that…

Video actually makes conference calls LESS stressful, not more stressful.

…Because the video makes them feel a deeper connection with everyone, and what is happening. Less. stressful.

If you are not using video in your meetings you are losing the single most impactful thing you can do to re-capture the benefits you get from physical presence.
Voice-only does not come anywhere close.

Beyond video

But even beyond the use of video, how else can we maximize presence, and work more effectively alone and together to make the best of our current work-from-home situation?

Remote Working Strategies

This month’s webinar in my Executive Mentoring Group was on Remote Working Strategies.

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In this webinar, I shared:

  • Approaches and tools to increase presence, collaboration and motivation
  • How to focus on people and humanity, and why that matters
  • Ways to communicate differently and more intentionally to increase engagement
  • How to clarify performance expectations in remote working situations to reduce anxiety and increase performance


In addition to the webinar, I share more insights and how to put these ideas into action in the Executive Playbook on Remote Working Strategies.

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