Move Audiobook & Chance to get 1-1 Coaching Session With Me

MOVE Audiobook

I am thrilled to announce that MOVE is finally available for preorder on Audible.

In celebration of the release, I am offering a chance to win a 1-1 coaching session with me for pre-ordering your copy.

Its official release date is April 21.

You can pre-order here!

Enter for a chance to win a free 1-1 coaching session with me

I will be randomly selecting 2 people to win a free 2-hour 1-1 coaching session with me.

You can enter in one of three ways.

1. Pre-order the audio book by April 21 and send me your receipt

2. Order the physical book or ebook between today and April 21 and send me your receipt

3. If you’ve already read MOVE, send me a link to your review written on Amazon between today and April 21.

Send your receipt or link to this email address: movepreorder (at)

Reading MOVE

It’s an interesting experience as an author to write a book and be consumed by it’s content while you are creating it, then waiting a couple of years, then reading it!

And reading it out loud gave me an opportunity to really focus on what is meant by the words on the page.

In the end, I thought, “Wow, that was a good book!” It made me smile.

I’m really excited to share it with you.

I know it’s a stressful time now, but one of the things that stuck with me after this recent reading, is that the ideas in MOVE can really help calm your organization down, make them feel connected to a greater purpose, and give them the confidence they need to execute.

So I’m pleased to offer it again, and this time with the audio choice.

Announcing the winners

Again, you have 3 ways to enter, and send each entry to movepreorder (at)

I will be contacting the two winners and announcing them here on April 22, and I look forward to working with the two of you!

In the mean time, take care and be well.

Thank you.



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