What exactly is Executive Presence?

People often ask me about the term Executive Presence. What is it? Does everyone need it? Or do you need it only if you are an executive? What if you are not an executive? Is it something different then?

I use the term because I feel like we all kind of get what that term means. But then we sometimes get tripped up on the specifics. What exactly must one do to have executive presence? What does it look like? How do you know you are doing it?

I think the most important part of understanding executive presence is understanding that how you are perceived really does matter… Both how you show up as a leader and how you show up as a contributor.

People form an impression of you based on how you show up when you interact with them.

It really matters.

When you show up are you fully present? Are you confident? Are you open, listening, sharing? Are you fully engaged? Are you well prepared?

A core part of executive presence is knowing that …

You can actually give quite a lot to others — in your work and to the world — by simply being more intentional about how you show up.

If you know what you want to convey and contribute when you show up, and you do it consistently, your stronger presence will be seen and felt.

Authenticity and your unique gifts and talents

But on the other side of that coin, there is something equally as important, and that is figuring how to show up based on something that is truly authentic to YOU.

The secret here is to take the time to truly understand your unique gifts and strengths and then to figure out how you want to share those things with the world.

And if you can 1. Show up intentionally, and 2. Give of yourself something that’s authentic, that’s really what will make your executive presence shine.

It really has nothing to do really with being an executive…

It’s simply about how you decide to show up in an authentic way and give of your natural gifts and talents generously to the world.

And I can tell you when I finally, in my own career, allowed myself to do exactly that, and I stopped being afraid that I was too young, I was female, I didn’t have as much experience, I was unwelcome… all of those things that caused me to live in fear for a long time…

When I decided instead to share my own authentic gifts, life got a lot happier and easier AND I became more effective in my work as well.

And I advanced much more quickly to the executive level after that moment when I decided to be authentic, and stopping being afraid that I was not good enough.

Executive Presence

This month’s webinar in my Executive Mentoring Group was on Executive Presence.

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  • How to deal with fear and imposter syndrome
  • How to build confidence and be ready for any situation where you might feel defensive


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