Managing Your Boss

Managing Your Boss
This month’s webinar was on Managing Your Boss.

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Here is what we talked about:

This is a useful webinar to download if you need to:

  • Improve how you and your boss communicate
  • Negotiate your compensation with confidence
  • Make sure your accomplishments are valued by the company
  • Get more support for your work, your team and your career
  • Get connected to the organization above and around your boss

Never get surprised in your career

I can say with certainty that a key reason I was able to advance my career so successfully is that I never left my relationship with my boss to chance.

I sometimes had friendly relationships, and I sometimes had awkward, socially uncomfortable relationships with my boss, but either way, I always made sure to have regular communications.

The bad things that happen in people’s careers usually come as a surprise.

Don’t let that happen to you.

Make sure you are communicating with your boss regularly, in a way that you never get surprised about how much you and your work are valued, how much your role is valued, and how your capabilities and future opportunities are viewed by your boss and the company.

Take charge of your own career plan

Don’t just accept your job description as a life sentence. It’s important to participate in how your job gets defined. And it’s important to be proactive about building your own development plan.

In the 25 years of my career that I worked for a boss, I did my own performance review 17 times!

You need to drive the conversation about your career progress and development plan, and get the support of your boss. Don’t just wait for your boss to do this.

No one will ever care as much about your career as you do.

And if you have the kind of boss that never gets around to this, you are setting yourself up to get surprised if you don’t make sure the conversation happens yourself.

Are you being paid fairly?

So many people ask for advice on how to ask for a raise and how to know what to ask for. In the webinar I shared how to always make the conversation about what the job is worth, and negotiate your compensation as a contract with your company (which it is).

I also talked about the importance of asking. You have to ask.

I discussed the differences in how people who ask and don’t ask are perceived. I also talked about what makes some people come across as annoying and others come across and highly competent and business focused in discussions about compensation.

Here’s what the webinar specifically covers:

How to manage the critical conversations you must have with your boss

  • Building trust and confidence with your boss on purpose
  • Driving your performance review and career development plan
  • Negotiating your job description and your pay
  • Getting visibility above and around your boss
  • And more…

Worksheets included

There are very useful worksheets for this topic which include:

  • Creating a descriptive flow chart of your role
  • Communication template for Ruthless Priorities
  • Plan: Specific value to offer your boss
  • Plan: Specific things to ask your boss for

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  • Next Year’s Career Plan
  • Maximizing Your Strengths
  • Negotiating Your Workload
  • Stakeholders & Sponsorship
  • Mastering Executive Communications
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