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This month’s webinar was on Mastering Executive Communications.

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The ability to create and deliver clear, persuasive, high quality communications to executives is a critical skill to master in your career.

This is an important webinar to download if you:

  • Need to prepare and deliver effective presentations to impress or persuade executives
  • Are trying to get executive support and investment for your projects
  • Want to increase your confidence in dealing with big executives
  • Need to build credibility with this important audience who can advance (or block) your career

In this webinar: Managing Executive Communications you’ll learn how to think about and plan communications, prepare and deliver presentations and proposals, socialize comfortably, and build your credibility with executives.

They don’t care

Big executives are generally closed to new ideas.

They are busy, over worked, and travel-weary. They have big pressures and responsibilities. In reality, they only really care about what they already care about before you walk in the door.

Bottom line: They don’t care about your thing.

Get them to care

You need to think of your number 1 job as getting them to care. You need to get them to be personally motivated to engage.

You can develop this skill with practice — I did. I learned about this from getting wrong early in my career and then finally figuring out how to do it.

Here’s what the webinar covers:

In this webinar, I share what I learned and how I did it. We talked about why this matters so much, and what executives really expect from you, and how they judge you. Get it right. You might not have a chance to recover.

1. Effective Communications and Presentations

I talked about how to approach and plan for both the content and the delivery of your presentation. I included worksheets that provide an outline for a highly compelling 10 slide presentation, and also a really useful checklist for preparation.

Remember, executives are judging YOU as much (or maybe even more than) your content. Don’t get so attached to your content and your data that you forget you should be planning and practicing the delivery too.

2. Fitting in Socially in Executive Circles

It’s also very important to find a way to be comfortable at the big table. It’s important to engage and participate. If you seem nervous or fade into the background because you are uncomfortable, you will make them uncomfortable and seem like you don’t belong there.

We talked about ways to prepare yourself to be more comfortable and engage in an authentic way to establish your credibility. It’s important not to forget the social aspect with executives. Remember, they are people too.

4. Getting Executive Support and Buy-in

You can’t do great things if you don’t get them funded. You can’t do great things if you are the only one who cares. Getting support and sponsorship from executives is critical to your success.

In the webinar I outlined 3 steps to getting an executive to care and to actively give you support.

4. How to be visible but not annoying

The people who stand out with executives and whose bosses trust them to step in and deliver executive communications are the ones who get promoted.

It does not work to be visible, but is also does not work to be annoying!

I am not talking about shallow self promotion. It all starts with excellent work and real results. In the webinar I shared ideas for how to create positive visibility for your work and your team, and gave you simple checkpoints to guarantee it will not be annoying.

Developing your communication skills for executives is a critical skill necessary to getting resources, support, good people and good projects. It’s also required to getting your deserved recognition and career advancement.

Worksheets and outlines included

In the worksheets I give you the tools and templates to know what to do, so you can practice and get it right.

The worksheets for this webinar include outlines for how to prepare:

1. The content of an executive presentation that will be highly relevant and persuasive, and make sure you avoid common mistakes.

2. A checklist for the delivery of an executive presentation to make sure you win over the audience, hit the mark quickly, and don’t let your nerves or the wrong storyline get you sidelined or dismissed.

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