No one cares how hard you work



No one cares how hard you work.

… So make sure you are getting somewhere.

My goal for this blog is to provide useful insights and practical ideas so you can:

Step up  the value and relevance of your work to have a bigger impact on the business,  and a better career.

But I also wanted to make  this blog a guide you can refer back to when you wanted to read up on a particular topic.

The issue…

There was no easy way to find what you were looking for!

There used to be an “Archives” section in the left column which organized past content by date.

Alas, the date is irrelevant.  There are articles from 2 years ago that are just as relevant today as they were then.

Also, people kept asking me for links to collections of blog posts on specific topics that they wanted to brush up on.

So,  I have now organized all the blog posts based on topics !

Here’s how it works:

<– In the left column of the blog you will see a CATEGORIES section.
These are clickable.

All the prior articles are now sorted by these categories.

If you want to see all the articles on implementing your business strategy you can click on the Strategy Implementation category.

If you want all the articles about networking, you can click on Build Your Network category.

You get the idea…

Nuisance: After you scroll down through the articles in a category, you may need to click on “Older Entries” at the very bottom to make sure you see ALL the articles in the category.

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Have more impact

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The more people in your organization who take ownership for the outcomes I talk about in my blog, the stronger your organization will be,  and the more business value you will create.

And it’s still free.

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I recently passed a milestone of 100 blog posts, so I thought it was a good time to step back and assess how the blog was doing.

I hope you find the new organization of the blog to be useful.
Please leave a comment or give me your feedback about the blog.

Since the first post, the readership has grown from hundreds to thousands, so thank you!

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