Why you need to draw your 1-person org chart

What is an org chart for?

This was a lesson I learned in my corporate career, and have carried through to my entrepreneurial career.

When you think of an org chart, people usually think about it as a way to visually organize people. Read More

The cost between OK and Great

show the cost
Awhile back I wrote an article called the first 30 days about how to start a new job with the most credibility.

There is another important point I want to add.

Always show the cost

I see people setting themselves up for failure and credibility loss when they don’t differentiate the cost of doing a great job from the cost of doing an OK job. Read More

The 2 most important decisions an executive can make

WHO and WHY?

The first time I held a general management role I had a mentor share something with me I found to be pretty life changing.

He said, “You need to worry about WHO and WHY. Read More

Making Sense of Employee Performance Ranking

Everyone’s exceptional!

Question: “How do you deal with people and teams who are average performers but who rate themselves as exceptional?”

This question came up on our last Member coaching hour call and I decided to write about it.

The rating scale

Since the call I’ve dug out the performance rating definitions I created to add to whatever corporate ones existed. Read More

Making your work-from-home policy work

Now that the dust has settled a bit about Marissa Meyer’s controversial “no working from home” policy at Yahoo!, I thought I’d weigh in.

Many companies provide work-from-home options. Employees love it.

But many managers struggle with it. They ask me about this all the time — How do you optimize motivation AND productivity? Read More

Succession Planning: Take my job, please…

What is a good succession plan?

I find it interesting is that most companies do one of two extremes when it comes to succession planning:

1.  Nothing at all

2. A very cumbersome process with lots of documents and checkpoints for multiple candidates which never amounts to anything. Read More

Succeeding with Virtual & Remote Teams

The Webinar:

This month’s Business Leaders’ webinar was on


If you missed it you can
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Here is what we talked about:

We’re all global

In business today, it’s important to recognize that it’s not just our companies that are global. Read More

The Blank-sheet (ideal) Org Chart

The right team

Are you leading the team you need?
Or leading the team you have?

Last week I wrote a post about recognizing if you have someone on your team who is not strategic enough

You keep hoping that they will become more strategic…

I can tell you how that play ends… They won’t. Read More