Succession Planning: Take my job, please…

What is a good succession plan?

I find it interesting is that most companies do one of two extremes when it comes to succession planning:

1.  Nothing at all

2. A very cumbersome process with lots of documents and checkpoints for multiple candidates which never amounts to anything. Read More

Succeeding with Virtual & Remote Teams

The Webinar:

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Here is what we talked about:

We’re all global

In business today, it’s important to recognize that it’s not just our companies that are global. Read More

Poor performance is contagious

To act or to suffer?

As managers, at some point we all
encounter an employee who frustrates us, and drains the life and energy out of the team.

When you are in this situation with someone, you know it in your heart that
you should act …

…particularly when they really annoy you … but you don’t act right away because you second guess yourself …

and you keep thinking… they really do some things very well… sometimes…


A colleague of mine shared this decision tree with me, and since then life has been easier.  Read More

Good General Managers and People

Think Like a GM
Last week I kicked off a series of articles about what good general managers do.

I keep finding myself talking to CEOs who are concerned that their new general managers (also directors and VP’s) just aren’t getting that they need to be working in different way now that they are in an executive level job. Read More

How to kill your new hires

work-horseI often talk about the hazard of being work-horse.

Are you a work-horse?

If you are known for always getting a lot of work done and for being able to do an extraordinary amount of work personally, it is likely you are a work-horse. Read More