Social Media ROI for Business (and Careers)

This month’s webinar was on the topic of Social Media ROI.

If you missed it, you can download the recording.

Social Media ROI

In this webinar I the opportunity to interview Erik Qualman, who is has a remarkable background.


Erik Qualman (Equalman online) is an MBA Professor at the Hult International Business School. For the past 16 years he has helped grow the digital capabilities of many companies including Cadillac, EarthLink, EF Education, Yahoo, Travelzoo and AT&T. He is a columnist for ClickZ, and he owns the social media blog – and is a best selling author.

I had the chance to talk with Erik about the role that social media plays in growing business and customer loyalty — and careers.

This is a very useful webinar to download if you want to:

  • Understand how using social platforms can help your business
  • How to make the right choices about risk and privacy
  • Hear examples from companies who really get this right (and mistakes too)
  • Learn to build brand value and employee engagement in a consistent way
  • Understand how social media is affecting careers (good and bad)

What are you hiding?

Many companies are concerned about opening up their virtual doors to allow the use of social media, because they are uncomfortable putting their brand directly in the hands of their employees.

The traditional thinking is that Marketing should own all official company communication, so they can filter everything and keep it consistent and safe.

Erik’s question is, “What are you hiding?” I thought this was pretty profound.

The focus of the social media question is not actually about the”social media” .

The real focus is: Are all your employees aligned and motivated to represent the company and its mission the same way?

That’s the real question! That question has been true and important long before social media was an option. The strongest and most successful companies invest effort getting everyone on board and aligned, and keeping them motivated.

A mentor of mine taught me long ago that happy employees will make happy customers.

If you knew that all of your employees had a shared view of your mission and were motivated to be at your company and share that vision with the world, why would’t you want them communicating?

I see this all the time in the work that I do with companies, getting this inside piece right — helping everyone get on board and moving in the same direction. This on its own has tremendous value.

And if you can achieve this type of alignment and motivation in your employee base, and then let them tell their friends, wouldn’t that be good for your brand?

Social Media is not 100% good

People always ask me questions about privacy and appropriateness, when they think about social media. It makes many people uncomfortable.

I was happy to get the chance to ask Erik about this.

His point of view was very practical:

Yes, there are some bad elements and risks to deal with, but the good far outweights the bad — AND it’s where the vast majority of the conversation is happening. Give it a try when you reach the point when you are feeling left out.

Career & Credibility

Erik also had some interesting insights about how companies are using candidates’ social media influence to make hiring choices.

If you are an unknown on the internet, your career capital may be diminishing as more companies look to understand the reach you have.

Erik talked about ways to think about and prepare your online presence.


Erik told some great stories about how the conversations and the opportunities are happening online.

This was a great, common-sense discussion about how companies can build customer loyalty, brand power and employee motivation THEN use social communication platforms to share that excellence with the world.

I really appreciated his practical point of view. If you missed it, you can download the recording below.

eric books
Erik Qualman is listed as a top 50 MBA Professor and has worked with many of the top companies in the world, like Zappos, Starbucks and Sony. He has also written 3 books which are top sellers in 9 countries, including “Socialnomics”, and his latest “What happens in Vegas stays on YouTube”. Erik also has one of 2010′s most viral videos on YouTube:“Social Media Revolution”.

Erik is sought after world wide as a speaker on the topic of Social Media and Business and has been highlighted in numerous media outlets including: BusinessWeek, The New York Times, WSJ, Mashable, USA Today, Financial Times, Forbes, Fortune, CBS Nightly News, and The Huffington Post.

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