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This month’s Professional Development webinar was on the topic of Communicating for Action.

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Are you getting through?

One of the biggest mistakes I see people (at all levels) make, is to think that the things they know and think are really important — others also already know and already think are important — then they get frustrated when there is no action.

“Why aren’t people doing what they should be doing? They know this is important.” Hint: No, they don’t. Or they don’t believe that you are serious. Or they don’t know if they are allowed to act differently.

We all have a tendency to take for granted the things we already know.

If you don’t make a concerted effort to communicate with others — employees, bosses, and stakeholders — in a persuasive way — and you don’t make it very clear what actions are expected — your communications will go un-acted on.

Nobody cares

A useful frame of mind when you start to prepare your communications is to think that your audience isn’t motivated to listen, they don’t personally care, they don’t believe you, and they don’t trust you.

It’s probably not that bad! But if you start with that as your premise, you are going to plan much more persuasive and effective communications.

If you go in thinking that they should already care and believe what you are saying is important, you will get much less action.

This is a very useful webinar to download if you need to:

  • Lead a team that to do something new or different
  • Secure resources or sponsorship for project
  • Increase your influence in general
  • Improve your confidence and persuasiveness with executives
  • Keep an organization highly motivated throughout a long project
  • Regularly communicate with multiple, diverse audiences

In this webinar: Communicating for Action I share the practical techniques I have to plan and deliver high impact communications that drive action with multiple audiences.

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What the webinar covered:

In this webinar we covered many practical approaches for creating and delivering the kind of high value communications that motivate people to take action.

Consistency and Timelines

It’s important to create the right context, enough transparency, and build a clear business case.

It’s also important to do the extra work to translate your communications for each audience you communicate with. If that means you have to create 8 different communication strategies, then create 8 different communication strategies. It will save you time in the long run.

Creating Conversation and Support

It is vital to not only broadcast your communications, but to involve your audience in the communicating.

Don’t be the only one talking. The only way to determine if your communications have gotten through is if your audience is talking about your message amongst themselves.

The webinar covered several techniques to get your message to spread organically throughout your organization.

Engaging Stakeholders

It’s alwo important to make your stakeholders feel like they are not alone in supporting you.

You have the most influence when you have the most support — when it’s not only your voice doing the communicating.

Invest the effort into building widespread support both from your team and your stakeholders.

Building Action in Up Front

Another way to make sure you get action, is to build the expected action right into the beginning of your conversations.

We talked about how to give your sponsors a job up front, and also how to create action oriented communications with your team from the beginning.

If you want action, spell it out. Don’t make people guess. By creating the right expectations and measures as part of your communication, everyone can see where you are going and can understand how to implement their piece of it.

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