What your peers are reading…

I was quite excited when I realized that I could open my book RISE on my kindle and ask to “view popular highlights and marks”.

How cool is that?

As I browsed through what most people were highlighting, I got the idea to share them because there is an interesting theme here…

The Most Popular Highlights in RISE

Here they are…

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One practical thing successful people always do

Who advances, and why?

A graduating student recently asked me, “What is the main difference between people who advance and people who don’t?”

One important idea

In thinking about this I was trying to find a single, practical idea that students could relate to, and actually do something about as they start their career. Read More

Effective Career Development

Career Development is one of those things that often gets a lot more talk than action.

It typically is a very highly ranked “want” on employee surveys.

As a manager, Career Development is tough to provide for a few reasons:

  • Everyone is different, and every employee has different capabilities and goals
  • When you are super-busy moving the business forward, it can be tough to spend time on
  • It’s hard to figure out what to do!
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My New Book! RISE…(and a short video)

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RISE…How to be Really Successful at Work AND Like Your Life

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I wrote this book to give away all the secrets!
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Like your Job AND your Life More

Rise_CVR_3D_300Well it’s finally available!

My new book

RISE: How to be really Successful at Work AND Like Your Life

It’s available on Amazon now.

We are doing a formal marketing launch to the general public in January, but for friends of Azzarello Group, I wanted to let you know early for two reasons. Read More