What your peers are reading…

I was quite excited when I realized that I could open my book RISE on my kindle and ask to “view popular highlights and marks”.

How cool is that?

As I browsed through what most people were highlighting, I got the idea to share them because there is an interesting theme here…

The Most Popular Highlights in RISE

Here they are…

1. But when you are a manager, the value you add to your company is no longer based on the hours you spend at work. It is based on the value of the outcomes you create.

2. Think of your job as figuring out a better way to deal with all this stuff than it is to DO all this stuff and you’ll be on the right track.

3. Here’s a trick: If you only think about why things are important, you will always be stuck thinking everything is important. Try another approach. Ask “how bad is it if we fail?” You will then see a priority emerge.

Successful people don’t DO everything

One of the big aha’s in my career that I shared in RISE is that the best leaders don’t do everything.

They are the ones who figure out a way to succeed on the few things that really matter most – they are not the ones who try to do everything and die trying.

So they succeed because they don’t do everything, not in spite of it.

If you haven’t read RISE yet, and you are trying to figure out how to deal with too much work, get ahead, and suffer less, I encourage you to read it.

A great story

One of my favorite reader-stories is from a woman who sent me an email that said, “Thank you for writing RISE, it got me 2 pay raises and a promotion. “

Great! I asked, “what did you do?”.

She told me it was the “LOOK Better” part.

It turned out that she had grown her segment of her company’s business ahead of the market over the past 18 months… But her CEO just made an assumption that the market itself had grown, (which it hadn’t). Her work and contribution was unrecognized.

She realized that she had to do things to make her work visible to the CEO. Just delivering such excellent results was not helping her career.

Getting noticed…

She used the techniques she learned in RiSE (How to be visible, but not annoying) to get her breakthrough – namely two pay raises and a promotion!

Succeed More, Suffer Less

This is why I wrote RISE — to help people succeed more and suffer less.

So, I am thrilled when someone tells me they read it, then got the confidence and the approach to go after something big that they wanted.

Do you have a story?

If you have read RISE and used it to achieve a breakthrough, I’d love to hear from you!

If you get a moment, please share your story.

You could post a comment here on the blog (in the comment box below), or on the RISE facebook page.
Or if you feel so inclined, on Amazon.

Or just send me an email!

I really do appreciate hearing from you. Thanks, and good luck!

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