My New Book! RISE…(and a short video)

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RISE…How to be Really Successful at Work AND Like Your Life

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I wrote this book to give away all the secrets!

My goal is that every person who wants more success and satisfaction from their work (and wants to suffer less along the way!) will have access to the career-changing ideas in RISE.

Described as “startlingly useful” and “completely free of fluff”, it’s a straightforward combination of big insights and practical things (you can do right away), that make a huge difference between getting ahead and just working really hard.

So please get the book today for yourself and someone else whose career matters to you, and please also share this blog post with your network. I’d really appreciate it. And you’ll benefit too! It is a really useful book.

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Some early reviews on Amazon

In “Rise,” Patty Azzarello has done what no other successful executive before her has: analyzed, codified and recorded the steps and techniques required to achieve success in, and more importantly, to gain more fulfillment from one’s career.

This is real-world stuff. The book talks about the whole chain of how you get your first management job and takes you all the way through to managing, in her case, a billion dollar global business. Like she says in the section ‘Executive Confessions – “It’s OK to be scared. It’s not OK to get paralyzed by it.”

“Consider the purchase of this book as a paltry investment in your future career.”

I read a lot of business/career books and they typically have 3 or 4 insights that I can take from them and use in my day job. I stopped folding pages back and highlighting passages in RISE because just about every page had a mark or a bent page..

You can find Patty at, follow her on twitter or Facebook, or read her books RISE and MOVE.

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